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Welcome to Vedran Antoljak's Consultant

Gain strategic insights in digital business transformation and application of artificial intelligence tools for your business

Who am I?

I am strategy consultant, entrepreneur and investor, with international experience in working with private corporations and governments throughout the world. In the period of 25+ years, I led, developed and participated in projects for international organizations (e.g. World bank, OECD, EU, USAID), global corporations, as well as progressive small and medium enterprises. I advised 22 governments around the world (e.g. Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Armenia, Kyrgizstan, Ukraina, Russia, Syria, Serbia, BIH, Macedonia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia) on regulatory reform projects, such as simplification of administrative barriers (Regulatory Guillotine), Standard Cost Model (SCM) and Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA).

Before founding boutique consulting firm Best Advisory, I founded and managed Apsolon (Sense Consulting), at that time a leading management consulting company in south-east Europe. Before that I was Senior Consultant at one of the leading global strategy consulting firm. For almost 8 years I had a role of private and financial sector specialist at the World Bank and four year as Head of Office I led International Finance Corporation (IFC) operations in Croatia.

I developed comprehensive knowledge and skills in the areas of digital business transformation, stategic foresight, human-centered design and application of AI in business. In the corporate world, I designed and managed a number of projects related to regulatory reform, strategy, innovation, IT, AI and agile corporate growth.

I am educated in Austria, Croatia and the USA. I graduated foreign trade at the Economic Institute in Graz, and have Master degree from Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria. I am continuously expanding my competencies at a number of business schools such as Harvard, IMD, Duke, Vanderbilt and Wharton. I authored a number of studies and research papers, hunderts of media articles, and in 2018. I wrote a book Design Thinking for Non-designers, which was a bestseller in Croatia in 2019.

I received a number of international awards for my successes in working in private and public sector.

I am cofounder of Croatian Institute of Future Studies, member of Croatian Management Consultant Association, and member of Harvard Club Croatia. 

Digital Transformation Consulting

I offer customized consulting services to help businesses navigate the complex landscape of digital transformation. From organizational culture, business processes, structure,  business model and technology, my services are designed to help your business take advantage of the latest tools, techologies and trends, while having the main focus on  people needs and capacities.

Strategic Foresight

I provide strategic foresight services to help businesses anticipate and prepare for future trends and challenges, and by making strategic management process more appropriate for modern businesses and digital reality. Through scenario planning and other techniques, I help businesses develop a long-term vision and strategy that is resilient and adaptable by implementign agility competences and tools into your business.

AI Tools in Business

I help businesses leverage the power of AI tools to streamline processes, improve decision-making, and gain a competitive edge. From needs assessment and feasibility analysis, through developing of Strategy and Plan for integration of AI in your business, down to implementation of private LLMs and AI tools, I can help your business harness the full potential of AI technology.

Full Customer Experience Service

I provide comprehensive customer experience services to help businesses create a seamless and engaging experience for their customers. From user research to design thinking, I can help your business optimize every touchpoint along the customer journey. I help you connect the bussiness technology needs with your employees, parters and customers, by a human-centered approach which puts emphasis on humans first, organisation second, and then to technology and tools.     


I offer a range of services to help businesses transform and grow. Whether you need help with digital transformation, strategic foresight, or AI tools, I can provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact me today to learn more.

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